Guidance & School Counseling

Mission & Philosophy-College Counseling
Putnam Science Academy considers the college search and placement process to be an integral part of a student's Putnam Science education. Through student-centered advising, students are encouraged to develop independence, critical thinking and self-reflection. They are supported by counselors as they take the lead in their college search, application and selection process. At a critical time for growth in a young adult’s life, counselors focus on the expectation that all students will develop, throughout their Academy experience, a full sense of autonomy and responsibility as they plan out a range of options for life after the Academy.
Within our intentionally small school community, counselors are an integral part of the caring team of adults who aid and support student development. It is about building meaningful relationships with students through formal and informal meetings and program activities. Rather than focusing on what admissions officers hope to see in applicants and in their essays, we encourage students to seek educational experiences of mind and character that will enable them to live lives of purpose and consequence beyond the Academy.
Although we work with all students, College Counselling’s main emphasis is to work with juniors and seniors to find the best match between student and college, understanding and representing themselves effectively and authentically in the process, so they can maximize those elements which are within their control. As counselors, our responsibility is to work collaboratively to create a framework that informs and supports students and their families. Parents are involved through meetings, personal conferences, emails and periodic newsletters from the counseling office on issues pertaining to college admissions.

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