Headmaster's Welcome

On behalf of the Putnam Science Academy staff, students and “family”, it is with much enthusiasm and high hopes that I welcome you to Putnam Science Academy as its’ Headmaster, effective this 2017-2018 academic year.

It is my vision that PSA will become a place, which develops and fosters happy, knowledgeable and high achieving students who will make mature, responsible and informed choices.

Good discipline, up-to-date curriculum based on the latest technological advances, high teaching morale and pride, will serve as the cornerstones from which this vision will emanate.

Our curriculum encourages all forms of creative explorations that broaden both the interests and talents of our students and our interdisciplinary curriculum requires that all of our students master college preparatory courses.

The goal of PSA is to offer a wide variety of courses ranging from the sciences and robotics to mathematics, to technology, to social studies, and then to subsequently enable our students to mature both intellectually and morally.

A dedicated faculty, well versed in technology, makes the learning process at PSA more effective, enjoyable and rewarding. In addition, consistency in all areas, attention to small details and feedback, along with a sense of ownership, will also become mainstays in this mission for Putnam Science Academy.

Included in this vision is that Putnam Science Academy develops a highly successful community perception, enhanced by a sense of partnership and cooperation between school personnel, students, parents and the Putnam, Connecticut community.

It is my sincere hope that Putnam Science Academy will mirror the values and positive attitudes of the town of Putnam, Connecticut and the surrounding geographical area.

Donald F. Cushing
Putnam Science Academy
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