History of PSA


The school first founded on our site was in 1928, by the Daughters of the Holy Spirit. Over the course of time it morphed into a Catholic High School in the 1950’s and then in 2002 it was taken over and converted into an international boys boarding school, for the purpose of improving intercultural dialogue and the opportunity of accessing the best universities within America and worldwide. Students came from a variety of countries worldwide and from a large number of states within America. 

The school changed hands over the summer of 2015, in order to provide an injection of capital investment. A number of renovation projects are ongoing, along with the business of providing high quality prep school education for a small group of students. Hand in hand with the renovation of residential, classroom and sporting facilities, the school will be expanding its cohort of students from a wider group. While the school has changed ownership, its mission and values remain the constant theme of the school. 
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