International Students

Getting on a plane, traveling thousands of miles, spending months in a new and unfamiliar country, living with people you’ve never met – all of this is really exciting. It also can be hard at first. Don’t worry. Before long, you’ll adapt and start enjoying yourself!

Some things to expect while at Putnam Science Academy. Small class ratio of student to teacher, your teacher will get to know you and work with you one on one. Our classrooms are a place for direct communication styles: speak up, speak fast, challenge the teacher and classmates. Your teacher will have expectations of independent work from you. You are expected to join in class discussions and participate. Plagiarism is a serious issue and is not taking lightly.  
Also expect to have culture shock and feelings of being overwhelmed when arriving. Most students arrive very excited and ready to start school. Once school starts some students will be overwhelmed and get “home sick.” Don’t worry, you will get over this. To be prepared make sure you have a phone card to call home or can skype talk to your family and friends back home. Also, there are always members of the staff that are willing to talk and listen that have experience with past students going through the same feelings.  

There will be some differences with being at Putnam Science Academy, remember to be patient and open minded. It takes time to "use" a new language, "slang", or to get used to the food, customs, and "live in a culture". Don't hesitate to ask questions. The community at PSA are always friendly and willing to offer help. 
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