Post Graduate

The Post Graduate Program here at Putnam Science Academy offers students the opportunity to extended their studies into either another full semester or full year of schooling.  The reason a student may want to partake in a post graduate program at PSA may be to delay their college experience because either academically they are not prepared enough for college, need the extra year to better their grades, or need more time to mentally and personally prepare themselves for the college experience. Here at PSA we also offer the Post Graduate program to our Prep Basketball team so that these students may take part in preparing themselves better academically, and physically. We offer to our post grads a variety of classes and experiences they need to move forward and be successful in their future. 

If you are interested in our Post Graduate Program as a student, please contact the Admissions Department. 

Kelly J. Alves
Director of Admissions

If you are interested in our Post Graduate Program as a Basketball Player, please contact the Dean of Athletics.

Thomas Espinosa
Dean of Athletics
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